Saturday, October 3, 2009

its oh so cold outside today...brr

Sunday January 16,2011
Where has time gone..for all the ones who said they would be eating healthy by now..we are 16 DAYS into the month already..and I am dreaming about gardening fact I think my boss is about ready to swat me in the head because I asked her last week how soon we would be getting roses in the Greenhouse..ha I just had to post a pic of the gazebo during early summer..makes my mouth water..for just green foilage..

EaRLy LoVe ToKeN..wouldn't it be a bomb to receive one of these???

Isn't this an amazing Valentine..a simple hand made puzzle purse...this early form of love token would be hand written and painted with watercolour accents..folded to form a square...always seems to be a little diddy of a poem..quite corney..but oh so sincere in the early days..hard to believe it is not so worn and torn..I found this little pic in my favs..I was in all day..on my Sunday off from work..

It is so cold today..the snow makes a crunchy sound while walking..I just came in from taking care of all the animals..and Miss Mary Americauna Hen has laid me another wonderful egg..I can only hope that Martha will be laying soon also..actually I cannot believe she is even laying since it was about 6 degrees this morning.


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Your items are so creative, very nice! Cathy

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